If you have an undergraduate public policy degree, we at Entablature suggest that you consider pursuing a graduate program in another field, such as international relations, law, economics or political science. This will arm you with knowledge and skills that complement your policy training, rendering you a more erudite policy professional.

If you have an undergraduate public policy degree and nevertheless want to do graduate work in the field, then we urge you to think about a specialty in which to really immerse yourself, as we discussed in our introductory remarks about policy studies.

We at Entablature firmly recommend such a game plan because — in this increasingly complex world — it helps to know a lot about a few things in addition to knowing something about a lot of things. Moreover, many of the basic courses in policy school may be redundant to someone with an undergraduate policy degree. In that case, you can place out of the introductory courses and jump right into your advanced coursework.

You will want to extract as much from the MPP/MPA experience as possible. This means stretching your intellectual horizon and broadening your skill set. Push yourself, even it means tackling a difficult concentration that you find interesting.