Philippe Latortue

Co-Managing Director

Philippe has enjoyed a career in the high-tech management and as an Entrepreneur. He is now a Semi-retired Business Broker representing various investment opportunities such as a Licensed & Ready-to-go Gold Mine.

A 4th Generation College Grad, he follows his Great-Grandfather and Grandfather who were lawyers, and his father who for 40 years was Dean of the Engineering School in Port au Price, Haiti.

His family’s academic orientation spawned an interest in minority education, especially where higher education opportunities for the underprivileged and underserved are concerned. To that end, he has become involved with Entablature Admissions Consulting overseeing marketing and devising strategy with the aim of increasing international clientele, especially south of the Equator.

Latortue teaches Motivational and Entrepreneurial Courses to Inmates, one of many underserved populations, to prepare them for re-entry.

Latortue is currently writing a book on Haiti's Army fighting for the USA starting in Savannah, Georgia in 1779, Charleston, S.C. in 1780, Pensacola Fl, and Yorktown, Va. in 1781.

Latortue is a proud graduate of Howard University, where he majored in economics with a statistics minor.

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