The Interview

Interviews are important.  

Interviews can be critical.  

Interviews are another way for you to make an impression.    

At Entablature, we believe that if an interview is recommended, an applicant should have one. We will work with you as your prepare for them. It’s all about being yourself – and being prepared to talk about what impassions you – your dreams, your goals and potential contributions to the community. Entablature will show you how.

At the interview, you should be able to discuss the school of interest intelligently. You should be able to cite the institution’s characteristics, academic programs and specific extracurricular opportunities that – in combination – excite you about a college or university. If you do this, you will impress your interviewer. We can show you how.

Last but not least, the interview is a fine opportunity for you to ask explicit and comprehensive questions about the school. Remember, you have to make sure that you gather as much information about a school as you can. You can do that by being as knowledgeable about the school as you can be. Entablature will help you get there.