Essays are crucial elements in the application for admission. They give you a chance to share a lot about yourself that may not surface in other parts of the application. Essays are also vehicles to demonstrate your writing style at its best. Remember, there’s no time-limit on essays. Admissions officers know this and expect to see your best. This means that spelling, grammar, sentence construction and writing flow should be on point. The bottom line is this: Simplicity gives rise to elegance.

Entablature will help you reach for – and realize - your best level of writing. That level is one where people who know you can read it and say, “I know who wrote this essay, and it’s really good!” 

We want to capture and preserve your voice throughout the entire application.

At Entablature, we will review your essays – pointing out style, syntax and grammatical errors that you can work on. At the end of the process, not only will your writing have improved, you’ll have a good essay!