At Entablature Admissions Consultants, LLC, the services we provide are personalized. This means that each student will have an individualized experience – one that is intended to enhance your chances of academic success and to realize your scholarly goals. These aspirations will become realistic when you, your parents and we generate your very own road map to success – one that will be derived from our collective wisdoms and inspired by your interests, abilities, needs and circumstances.

Our goal will always be to provide you with the most relevant information to develop a robust college admissions strategy that suits your unique profile. Entablature consultants will prepare an assessment report based on your history. We will lay out in clear terms what your chances are at the select schools that we have settled upon as the best places for you.

Entablature consultants understand that every applicant has needs - be s/he traditional or non-traditional students. This may include students who seek to enter university at the age of 15, to someone who ⎯ at 35 ⎯ has finally decided on graduate school.

Furthermore, students of all racial, religious, nationalities, sexual orientations, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds are invited to give us a close look. We understand very well that you may bring a life experience to the table that is unlike anyone else’s. Entablature will help you frame your story in a way that is accurate, clear, complete and compelling.