Where to Go

Entablature’s philosophy is that you should consider schools that are best fits, given your qualifications, academic interests, intellectual bent, career goals, personality, abilities and personal preferences. Such a list may or may not include institutions that are regularly touted as the world’s finest.

Thus, for example, while Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management is a venerable business school by any standard, it is not for everyone. That is why they will decline applications from those who are apparently outstanding by standard measures; they may not be appropriate for what Kellogg offers. Indeed, Kellogg would be doing itself and the applicant a disservice by admitting her/him if there isn’t a solid fit there, which would, in turn, affect the school’s reputation adversely.

For almost everyone, however, there are a number of very good business schools that can and will fulfill your needs, including setting you on the fast track to your dream job. With that in mind, the publications below list business schools by multiple categories.