Deciding to Apply

The MBA is perhaps the most versatile degree that one can procure today, although some may posit that a graduate degree in computer science or mathematics can be equally more potent in enabling a diversified career. While the latter areas are certainly quite adaptable in today’s high-tech business world, they do not enhance one’s ability to interact with and manage people.

For instance, it is sometimes the case that scientists lack management and communications skills, and those shortcomings hinder or completely preclude progress of their research and development work, especially if they have a laboratory brimming with technicians, post-doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students, other scientists and administrators. The consequences can be devastating.

In some sense, one can say that the MBA is the non-technical counterpart to mathematics or computer science in that it can render you adaptable to a variety of work environments, especially when it comes to managing people or projects. The Master of Business Administration degree can and will do this for you if and only if you commit to improving yourself on all fronts throughout the program and beyond.

Moreover, not only can you further enhance your technological competence in business school — if you so choose— by pursuing popular, challenging concentrations such as econometrics or analytic finance, you can work hard to make yourself more adept at dealing with people by enrolling in cutting-edge courses in strategy, organizational behavior, decision science and globalization.

A good business school will always assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses throughout your tenure as student. That way you can choose appropriate courses and workshops, modifying your career goals and job searches accordingly.

Your ability to motivate others, not to mention your effectiveness at nurturing them and developing their skill-sets, will make a significant difference in the value that you provide a firm, which in turn will make for more rewarding careers than might otherwise be the case.

If you are passionately committed to realizing personal growth and a palpable enhancement of your management skills, we believe that an MBA may be in your future.