Why Should You Connect With Entablature?

  • We have 20+ years experience working with students (and parents) through the challenging college and graduate school admissions process.
  • We focus thoroughly on each case. Extensive discussions with students and parents help us (a) formulate an appropriate school list for the student and (b) develop an application strategy that enables students to present their very best in each application.
  • We clarify the process for you. That way we eliminate chances for surprises down the road.
  • We work to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.  If not, we refund your fees.
  • Our fees are reasonable. In fact, they are below what most major admissions consulting firms charge. That’s because we want students from all socioeconomic classes to access high-quality guidance throughout what may be the most important undertaking ever.
  • We will guide you with essay choices, help you develop a well-conceived personal statement and prepare for the critical interviews.  As to essays and interviews, we bring out your voice and help you present it optimally.
  • If you join us early (i.e., the 9th or 10th grade), we assist in selecting an appropriate curriculum, developing extra-curricular pursuits that incorporate or develop your interests, and suggesting relevant summer internships, camps and part-time employment. 
  • The most important goal we have is to place a student in the school that is best suited for her/him!