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You may be wondering how it is we decided to call ourselves, “Entablature, LLC”. That’s easy to explain. They are the horizontal superstructures atop what are often marble columns. They serve as campus gates and are some of the grandest structures on campus.

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  • Chad
    I first reached out to Entablature my freshman year of college to find help navigating my physics major. I knew I wanted to transfer to another college but I didn’t know where or when I’d go. At the beginning of my 2nd year I decided it was time to start making plans to transfer and it was at this time I decided to formally start working with Entablature. The absolute best thing about Entablature is his attention to detail. A few days after I filled out a questionnaire for him I was sent a list of colleges I should consider applying to. Each of the schools had qualities that made them feel well suited to my strengths and weaknesses, and with qualities that I wanted. I picked the ones I wanted to apply to and we were off! Entablature made sure I didn’t get overwhelmed with the application, as I applied to quite a few schools. He understood my strengths - making him instrumental in my getting acceptances to most of the schools I applied to. I am very pleased with the work Entablature did for me, and am also grateful to have been helped by a caring and experienced team.  
  • Natalya

    Working with Entablature was essential to coherently conveying “my story” in the [college] application. Through preparing a bundled package that first determined an appropriate fit of colleges that I should consider and later classifying what each college valued in its application process, Entablature helped tailor my efforts to make my application, one of thousands, come alive. Essay writing and editing was probably the greatest value added, as Entablature invested in getting to know who I am and helped shape my writing and my own voice to appeal to the perspective of admissions officers. Entablature’s experience with academic institutions alone speaks volumes to their understanding of what the best universities are looking for and where you would most excel. They were invested in my process to the end - I ended up attending one of my prestigious "wait-list" institutions in part because Entablature pushed me and helped craft my correspondence with the respective admissions officer.

  • Parents of a former Entablature student

    We were most fortunate and are grateful to have had Entablature assist our daughter in applying to the most appropriate colleges for her. Without the firm, we would not have been aware of the school that our daughter was ultimately accepted, and where she has enjoyed great success. What Entablature did was amazing. They have tremendous resources they're able to apply, which, along with their professionalism, were extremely helpful during a very stressful time. Our daughter’s full potential is being brought out in the college she chose with Entablature's support.

    Parents of a former Entablature student
  • Victor

    Entablature has been a great influence. I never would have ended up studying computer science at the formidable Carnegie Mellon University had not Claude and Entablature entered my life; my superior education helped me garner rapid promotions to the highest levels at IBM.

  • Peter

    I would have settled for a local college with an average college experience without the guidance and motivation given to me by Entablature. Going for the gold standard and getting into my dream school led me to getting the best education in my field alongside the elite of the elite in my course of study.

  • Sonya

    Entablature is wonderful. Claude made the college application process simple. He helped our family focus on choices that were best for Chaney. We had great discussions about Chaney’s abilities and what schools would be right for her dreams and aspirations. Claude brought Occidental College to our attention. We had never considered it as an option. Chaney fell in love with Oxy and got accepted early! Claude celebrated with our family over Chaney’s great achievement. My family appreciates Claude's support and encouragement and look forward to working with him in getting our 16 and 15 year olds ready for the college application process.

  • Chaney

    Before I met Entablature I felt overwhelmed and unprepared for the whole college application process. There are so many colleges, but not all are right for every student. Entablature took the time to get to know me and made recommendations that were best for me. He worked with me to meet every requirement and deadline while keeping it simple and pleasant.

  • Stephanie McGuire, Ph.D.

    I have been a professional academic and test-prep tutor in the highly competitive New York City market for many years. I also regularly help students with college admissions essays, and from time to time I act as a college admissions consultant. Entablature is my ace in the hole. Whenever I consult with them about particularly tricky cases or thorny issues, Entablature never fails to respond with salient, cogent, accurate counsel. Their expertise comes from years spent in admissions offices of the most elite American universities. Yet, the firm is one of the most approachable, accessible, lovely I know of. Parents and students alike will be thrilled to work with Entablature.

    For one particular case-- a student who wanted to study Japanese and vocal jazz-- Entablature actually took on research responsibilities and produced a brilliant 116-page document outlining all of her choices in exacting detail and helpfully categorizing them into stretch, possible, and likely admit schools. The document also contained sample interview questions and much helpful advice pertaining to all the various tentacles of the increasingly unwieldy college admissions process. Entablature is exactly the advantage that families need during this age of hypercompetitive college admissions and skyrocketing tuition costs. Work with Entablature, and you will sleep better, I guarantee it.

    Stephanie McGuire, Ph.D.
  • Julie

    We originally approached Entablature for help crafting an essay for the common app. Entablature helped ensure my son's essay was simple yet impactful. The essay was nothing short of poetic. While helping my son with the essay, he took their partnership even further. Entablature determined the best-fit schools for my son and assisted him with school-specific essays. Mr. Poux has a wealth of knowledge regarding what each college is seeking in an applicant and uses that to aid clients in tailoring their essays. On top of all of Entablature's expertise, they were a great support system. My son and I were assured that we were on the right path and we would be happy with the end result. In the end, my son was accepted, with generous merit scholarships, to many outstanding schools. We are thankful to Entablature, who was an absolute pleasure, for their help and encouragement.

  • Ben

    Claude was the most instrumental figure in my college application process. As a former Admission's Officer himself, he intimately knew what qualities other Admission Officers were looking for in a prospective student and in turn worked tirelessly with me on my application - everything from the overall presentation and consistency to the specifics of each essay. Not only did his knowledge of the whole process help me to best represent myself, but it also quelled my (and my parents') anxiety, which is often associated with college applications. I truly cannot express how amazing Claude was throughout the entire process. I ended up at my first choice school (an Ivy League University), and I will always be immensely grateful to Claude for helping me get there. I couldn't have done it without him.

  • Jam

    Entablature was immediately helpful in getting me into Ivy-League graduate programs. They understood my greatest skills and added the value to help me bring them out. Most notable was the willingness to work hard for our results, and always with a positive, encouraging demeanor. Where details matter most, Entablature is the best firm for the job.

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